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Kozlaw exists to serve employers, insurers, and 3rd party administrators navigate the murky waters or workers compensation. We work to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your team's abilities as well as individual performance. With over 15 years experience in the workers' compensation field, we can help you identify ways to improve outcomes and lower your overall costs.



Our Services


Litigation utilization review

One of the quickest ways for claims cost to spiral is the misuse of legal resources. Whether they are not used soon enough, or are used too much, how y0ur claims staff interacts with their legal partners is a critical piece of making sure your claims are handled correctly. Let us analyze how your team works with counsel; we can determine whether resources are being used efficiently, or we can help develop protocols to make sure your legal costs stay contained.

Best practices claim review

Your claims professionals are tasked with a daunting task: properly administering benefits (whether medical or financial), determining whether conditions or claims are compensable, all while making sure both the injured worker and the employer is well informed and content. Let us help your team

in-house training

Workers' Compensation is a complicated and highly-technical field. Between court decisions, statutory changes, administrative rule changes, and Board rulings, the lay of the field is constantly changing  - and those changes can be very costly if your claims team is not getting the right information. Kozlaw can provide customized, in-house training to get critical information to your claims team in an engaging and enjoyable environment.

advanced claims classes

Is your legal team already a finely-tuned machine? Great! With advanced claim classes, your claims team will have the opportunity to add additional skills to keep developing. Whether focusing on medicine, the legal process, negotiation, or how to have those difficult conversations with employers or injured workers, everyone will benefit from this practical class.

claims Process review

Don't know where to start? How about we take a look at how you're operating; trade secret - there's usually room for improvement. Do you know how your claims team spends it's time? Are they using their skills and tools effectively? Do you have the right people getting involved at the right time? Let us work with you to maximize your claims staff to obtain the best possible results.





If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to inquire of any of our services, please fill out the information below, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.